WOD – Tuesday 1/30

We are going to retest an open WOD from 2016. Those who did the open that year will remember 2 things.
1. That Open was one of the most fun, in terms of workouts, there has been.
2. Team Justin came away with the win that year. Team Sophie bounced back and won last year. Who’s going to take it this year?! Have you signed up?

Sign into Wodify, check to see if you have a score from 2016, spend 2 minutes in Z1
Then, 3 rounds
10 deadlifts
10 hang cleans
10 front squats

Everything needs to be stretched; front rack, hips and hamstrings

Squat clean – working up to a really heavy single in a good number of attempts. Use this time to not only warm-up but also to accumulate some volume.
There will be a lot of weights needed in the WOD and body needs to be prepped to lift all these weights. Really approach this workout with a plan and lifting with that plan in mind. For example, I need to at least hit the weight I plan on getting to in the WOD before I begin the workout. So I would use the strength session to build up to that weight. You might have a score from 2016 if so, look back and reflect.

CrossFit Open 16.2
Every 4 min
25 T2B
50 DU’s
15/13/11/9/7 squat cleans
Rx – 135/85#, 185/115#, 225/145#, 275/175#, and 315/205#
Scaled – 95/55#, 115/75#, 135/95#, 155/115#, 185/135#
This is a tough WOD for a couple reasons. It is very T2B heavy, making it difficult to progress through, therefore in order for some to get a good workout in, you can turn this into a 12 min AMRAP. Choosing a challenging weight on the bar and moving through rounds as you can. Others who want to test their progression from 2016 must do this workout as written.

The Rx version of this workout, you must get all the squat cleans done within the 4 minute time caps but can start back on the T2B whenever you are ready, you don’t have to wait until the end of the 4 minutes. I would break up the T2B and DU’s early to save the shoulders. Other than that, be smart, keep breathing and stay focused.

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