WOD – Tuesday 1/7

So….800 grams uh?

How did day 1 go?

Spend 2 minutes in Z1
Then, 3 rounds of “Cindy”

Quick mobility session based on WOD

CF and Burn WOD
1000m row
5 rounds of “Heavy Cindy”
Rest 3:00, x3
1 round of heavy “Cindy” is
3 weighted pull-ups
6 push-ups on DB’s (deficit push-ups)
9 DB squats
*the pull-ups should be done with 1 DB squeezed between your feet while the pus-ups and squats require 2 DB’s
Intended stimulus – long and deliberate should be the plan from the very beginning. This is going to take anywhere from 30 to 40 minutes based on your ability and choice of scaling options. There should never be a point that you are failing reps, but you should be pretty close. Remember, this isn’t regular rounds of “Cindy” so making everything a bit harder will help you reach the intended stimulus. If strict pull-ups are possible, never mind weighted pull-ups, maybe today we do 3 strict, banded pull-ups instead of setting up a bar for piked pull-ups. Try to step out of your comfort zone and force a harder version of each movement.

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