WOD – Tuesday 10/29

Dynamic warm-up
With group mobility session

CF Pre-Strength
10 deadlifts
10 hang cleans
10 strict press
Add weight to your bar
8 power cleans
8 push press
Add weight to your bar
6 power cleans to split jerk

CF Strength
Power clean and split jerk – 1 rep EMOM for 10 total
*look to 10/16
Because you will be lifting 10 times you need to make a choice before you begin. Are you going to build to a heavy single for the day, or are you going to accumulate as much volume as you can during the EMOM. If you are going to build, be smart because you will be adding weight 10 times, even climbing slowly will have you add 50 pounds over the entirety of the EMOM. If you are looking to accumulate volume, warm-up to between 70 and 80% and complete all reps across. Either way, make sure it aligns with your goals and work on lifting well no matter what is on the bar.

“King Size”
Ring muscle-ups
Power cleans (165/115#)(145/100#)
15/12 cals AB after each round
Intended stimulus – this is a workout where you should find rest between the movements. Push the pace. the sets and the reps with the movements. So as you move from the barbell and the rig, find the rhythm in your breathing and take a second before hoping up. Do not rest in the cleans, the muscle-ups or whatever progression you pick.
Going to be a gut check workout. If you can go Rx, then really push the pace here. If you are someone who can get some muscle-ups but will need to break up the sets, then do so until you start to fail or simply lower the reps to allow you to continue to keep moving forward. If you are still working on your first muscle-up, scale to the hardest pull; C2B, pull-ups or ring rows plus the same amount of push-ups.

Scale the weight on the bar so doubles and triples are doable but bigger sets are obviously the goal.

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