WOD – Tuesday 10/17

I have had few really great conversations with some of our members about how I approach my fitness. Discussing goal setting towards adding weights to your lifts, taking time off your scores, placing higher in the open, or even losing weight and feeling better. We always talk about setting SMART goals that will help you stay focused during your time at the gym. But what it truly comes down to is showing up and working hard for your own reasons. Among all the reasons people have, there are two major categories that they fit into.

1. You love the results. Your lifts are going up, your times are going down and/or you’re losing or gaining the weight that you want to. You come in and work hard because you’re addicted to the changes it causes. You love feeling better, looking better, lifting more, or being faster. You work hard to chase those changes. There is nothing wrong with this mindset. It inspires hard work in yourself and in others. A sense of pride that is almost palpable. However, exercising, for this reason, can have its downsides. people can lose motivation as there is no real end in sight. There will always be heavier weights, faster times and more weight to lose.

2. You love the process. You exercise because you simply love to exercise. You love every step of it. Showing up. Warming up. The music. The sweat. The people. All of it. The hour that you spend at the gym is your favorite hour of the day. Yes, the PR’s are amazing. Being fast is fun. But just being there is your reward. This way of thinking leads to lifelong fitness. Because short-term goals don’t drive your process, the big picture helps navigate your course.

No way of thinking is right or wrong. It is just two ways that drive us. Two different motivations. Which category do you fit into?

Spend 2 mintes in Z1
Then, 3 rounds
10 OHS w/PVC
10 push-ups
10 ring rows

Quick group mobilty

Gymnastics strength session
A. Kipping pull-ups – 5 sets of a high number for you; stay 2 reps short of failing.
B. Ring dips – 5 sets of a high number for you; stay 2 reps short of failing.
Good ol’ fashion gymnastics strength/endurance work. Since kipping/butterfly is allowed, it is a good opportunity to work on creating efficient movement. Make sure you understand the goals of a strength session like this, and how to build a plan that will optimize your time.

“Public Notice”
E3:00 for 15 minutes
25/20 cals on the rower
5 push jerks (185/125#)(165/105#)
5 box jumps (30/24”)
*push jerks must be UB, think between 65 to 75%
**must step down on box jumps
Interval work for the week. Some might not get a big rest here and that is ok because reps are down. It’s just an intimidating weight. The push jerks must be unbroken, but that fifth should feel like your hundredth, so choosing weight will be very important. I gave a percentage, but the closer to that 75% the more you are going to push that UB status. Box jumps are higher today, and everyone must step down, no exceptions.

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