WOD – Tuesday 10/24

PortComplete. What is it? Ask a coach.

Spend 2 minutes in Z1
Then, 3 rounds
10 push jerks
10 ring rows
10 hanging leg raises

Banded shoulder mobility

Push jerk – work up to a 3RM
Slowly, but surely we are getting better with weight over our head. Really think about the overhead position. A strong finish overhead will truly help you become comfortable with this really difficult movement. Active shoulders. Bar placement. And strong footwork.

“Mission Possible”
4 rounds
:40 on/:20 off
DB cleans (50/35)
Cals on AB
Box jumps
Cals on rower
*refer to 7/26
Repeat workout for the week.
Working for :40, transitioning and resting for :20 through each of the 4 exercises. No rest beyond those :20. In order for everyone to have a shot at the right DB’s some people can start on the box jumps while others start on the cleans. Score will be total reps at the end. Every second counts here, so push it all :40 each round.
Coaches note – it is really easy to work way to hard on these DB’s cleans. Before the workout starts, work on your form and make sure you are bending your knees at the top so you are not burning out your shoulders.

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