WOD – Tuesday 10/25

On Tuesdays we are going to start incorporating unilateral work. Something that CrossFit doesn’t prioritize as much as it used to. Working the sides of your body independently is very important because of how functional it is. It also forces the smaller stabilizer muscles to fire and therefore is much more difficult at much lower weights. We won’t always be doing lunges on Tuesdays, but we will be doing something that allows for the separate engagement of each side.

Spend 2 min Run/Row/Bike
Coach Run Dynamic Warm-Up
Focus here is prepping for unilateral work
-mix in lunges with a twist
-high knee/butt kicks
-tin soldiers to RDL’s

Couch stretch
Spider-Man Stretch

A1. Bulgarian split squats – 3×8-10
A2. Bent over rows – 3×10
A3. Hollow hold – :20 x4

1000m row
30 clean and jerks (135/95#)(115/75#)
50 pull-ups

Accessory Work
3 or 4 rounds
10 strict T2B/K2E
:20 HS hold

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