WOD – Tuesday 10/31

Remember that there is a new 8am class on Tuesday and Friday. Come get that workout in before the 9am takes over the gym.

PortComplete. Get signed up so we can nail down a goal.

250m row
10 deadlifts
10 hang cleans
10 strict press
250m row
10 cleans
10 front squats
10 push press
250m row
10 hang squat cleans

Thoracic spine, hips and hamstrings

Weightlifting complex – 1 clean + 1 hang clean
Truly experienced athletes should work on squat cleaning in this complex. It is important to continue to progress towards getting better. And constantly relying on power cleaning and or power snatching will eventually tap out. Really working on getting under the bar will help you improve tremendously. They must be TnG, so dropping the bar isn’t allowed until after the full clean.

“Banana Stand”
18 min AMRAP
15 KBS
30 DU’s
400m run
Aerobic piece for the week. A much ‘shorter’ version of the workout we did a couple of weeks ago. So it will really test pacing because each movement will take ‘less’ time. Last time we did 800’s with 25 reps on the KB. The 400’s will really push people to go faster than you need to. So have really work on slowing down and sustaining.

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