WOD – Tuesday 11/13

How is everyones No Complaint November going? Anyone still on a several day streak?

That being said, if anyone is looking to give back a little, we will be helping the food pantry that is 4 doors down from us this Saturday, 11/17 around 10:30. They are getting 450 turkeys delivered and need to move them from the truck to the walk in freezer. I say we set up a little assembly line and get some accessory work in at the same time. Hope you can make it.

3 rounds of increasing intensity
10/8 cals AB
20 air squats
*add monster band

Squat mobility – coaches choice

Back squat – build up to a NEW 1RM for the day
Here we go. 1 rep max after the whole squat cycle. You have put in the work and have earned a new 1RM. So have the confidence to build up to something really heavy. Make a plan and be ready to evolve that plan as you warm up. Too many reps and you will be too tired to hit 100%, too few reps and your big muscles won’t be warmed up enough. Be smart, be confident and get after this session.

“On the Floor”
3 rounds
10 HSPU’s
20t pistols
400m row
Rest 1:00 between rounds
Oh boy, pistols and HSPU’s. 2 really difficult gymnastics movements in one workout. I think we are all very familiar with the progression of the HSPU’s ranging from regular push-ups to piked HSPU’s on a box. But since we don’t do pistols a lot, make sure you take the time to work through the progression tree for the pistol. Start with the easiest movement and walk yourself through each step; air squats – reverse lunges – box step-ups – box pistols – pistols with a band – pistols using the rig – Rx pistols

Form is everything with pistols. As you get tired and form breaks down, the knee will start to come over the toes, and we all know that isn’t the way it should be. Be smart but hold yourself accountable, if you really start to lose your good form, simply scale the movement so you stay safe.

When you think about difficult movements, most of the top offenders require all 10 characteristics of fitness; speed, strength, power, agility, accuracy, balance, coordination, flexibility, endurance, and stamina. The pistol is a clear candidate for hardest movement and it definitely requires a demonstration of all 10 characteristics.

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