WOD – Tuesday 11/26

5 min AMRAP
10/8 cals row
10 banded pull-throughs
10 inchworms (no push-ups)
:30 plank hold

Posterior chain prep

CF Strength
A1. Deadlift – work up to a heavy 5, must be TnG
A2. :30 wall sit, add weight if possible
It is going to be surprising how the fatigue created by the wall sits will have something to do with your deadlifts. Warm up to around 70% and then complete between 4 and 6 sets of heavy deadlifts building every time. After every working set, complete a :30 wall sit with a weight in your lap.

“Sack Race”
4 rounds for time
5 push jerks (185/125#)
150m shuttle sprint
1 ME set of HSPU’s
2:00 rest between rounds
*sub push-ups for HSPU’s
Intended stimulus – a OH pressing endurance test here. The push jerks are meant to be very difficult but should also be done unbroken. Because of how high skill and heavy they are, they are meant to cause some localized fatigue that will play a role in your HSPU performance. Remember, the Open showed you that you never do anything high skill without a tremendous amount of fatigue first. Today will feel a lot like that. Be ready for it but stay away from failure. The goal is to accumulate as many HSPU’s as possible of the course of the 4 rounds.

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