WOD – Tuesday 11/27

Spend 2 minutes in Z1
Then, 3 rounds
6 to 10 deadlift/front squat/strict press
6 to 10 hang clean/front squat/push press
6 to 10 squat clean/split jerks

Front rack, squat and OH mobility all should be a focus

Squat clean and split jerk – 1.1
*build in the cluster
3 pulls in the clean and all should be a focus during the warm-up
The first pull is from the ground to the hang position. Here the priority is to push the knees out of the way as the hips and shoulders rise at the same time. The back angle that you create in your set-up position should be exactly the same angle of your back in the hang position.
The second pull is from the hang to the high hang. This is the trickiest part of an olympic lift because there is so much that can go wrong. The priority is keeping the shoulders over the bar as long as you can while you are shifting the weight back in the heels. Here we want to think about being explosive by aggressively engaging the posterior chain, not by pulling through your back. Moving the barbell by squeezing your but and engaging your hamstrings is how we move big weight safely.
The third pull is all mental. Pulling yourself under the bar. This is done when the bar becomes weightless and is initiated through high elbows. Pushing the hips back and engaging the core will help you settle into a strong front squat position. Also, think back to yesterday, that bar needs to be on the shoulders and those elbows should be quick and high.

The same way we prioritized the posterior chain engagement in the clean, the jerk will benefit from the same focus. Driving out of the dip is done through the legs and glutes. Try to feel the power in that explosive muscle group today.

3 min AMRAP
Max calories row
Rest 2:00
3 min AMRAP
Max bar facing burpees
Rest 2:00
3 min AMRAP
Max RKBS (70/53#)(53/35#)
*score is reps per round
Head down and grind. Pacing will be super important in this one because there is not enough time between AMRAP’s to fully recover. So they will compound on each other and sprinting won’t be a good idea. Have a pretty good idea of what a 3 min “max effort” feels like so you can find a rhythm. Every rep will count, so work all the way to the end.

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