WOD – Tuesday 11/1

Day 2 of #burpeesforbreaths
The CFP community pledges to perform 7 burpees (for the 7th chromosome) for 18 days (for more than half the CF population now being over 18 years old) in our support of our very own Jaime Dunaway, the Prendergast/CrossFit Wachusett family & all others who have been touched by Cystic Fibrosis.

Don’t forget, huge in-house throwdown this Saturday at the gym. It is going to be a blast, all you have to do is show up and throw down. There are going to be 3 WOD’s (Rx and scaled) and we will be done by 12:30. Make sure you are signed up by Friday so teams are set.

2 minutes in Z1
Then 3 rounds
10 push-ups
10 ring rows
50′ bear crawl (prep for HS)

Burpees for Breaths
7 synchronized burpees as a class

HS work – free standing and walking
Coaches will have plenty of drills to incorporate into this 10 minute session.
CFP’s progression; Freestanding HS
1. HS progression – down dog positional hold or piked on box
2. Handstand hold (NOSE and TOES) against wall
3. Partner assisted HS hold
4. Free standing

CFP’s progression; Freestanding HS
1. Bear crawl/HS walk hybrid
2. Shoulder taps – first in plank or down dog position, then piked on box
3. Shoulder taps – nose and toes

“Rally Cry”
5 rounds
500m row
15 KB push press (53/35#)(35/26#)
Please understand that there is a right and wrong way to get the KB’s into rack position and then maintaining a good front rack position with the KB’s is going to be key. If you cannot maintain a good rack position, then you can sub DB’s. This is an aerobic workout, so pace accordingly. Do not come out too hot!

Accessory Work
3 or 4 rounds
10-15 weighted sit-ups
15 banded leg curls

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