WOD – Tuesday 11/22

Remember that there is a modified schedule due to the holiday on Thursday.
Wednesday we are open all day.
Thursday we are closed.
Friday we will reopen for one WOD @9am – Fight Gone Bad
Saturday and Sunday we resume normal schedules.

“True humility is staying teachable, regardless of how much you already know”

Spend 2 minutes in Z1
2 rounds
10 scap push-ups
15 KBS (light)
:20 HS hold
15 banded pull aparts
10 scap pull-ups

Quick shoulder rotational drills

Grunt Work
4 rounds
1. Farmers carry – 100’
2. Slam balls – 10 (30/20#)
3. Sled pull (power walk) – 50’
All American grunt work. The sleds shouldn’t be pulled for speed but rather pulled with the goal of keeping the legs moving. Driving the knees high, like a march.

Interval Work
Bike sprints – :20 AHAP; rest 1:40, 6-8 rounds total

Accessory Work
4-5 rounds, not for time
10t goblet lunges
10 GHD back extensions

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