WOD – Tuesday 11/29

Dedication and commitment are born from the desire to succeed. Even though we are talking about CrossFit Portsmouth’s core values each of these should play a major role both inside and outside of the gym. In CrossFit, you must create goals that will guide your path to success. Because what we do inside the gym is so measurable, creating SMART goals and achieving them is a very black and white process. “I want to back squat 400 pounds by January 1st.” Sets a deadline and an exact measurement of success. Being dedicated and committed to these goals is essential for anyone to excel. I am not saying that it is an easy process, but when your goal is to get your first muscle up by Christmas, following my muscle up progression, 3 days a week will help get you there. It will be hard work, but there is an exact recipe.
Outside the gym, however, things are not so black and white. Dedication to being a better person isn’t as exact and very difficult to measure. It is a constant work in process and is defined differently to everyone. I want to be a better husband/wife, father/mother, brother/sister, friend. I want to eat better. I want to read more. I want to workout more. I want to travel more. These are all great goals, that require a good deal of dedication and commitment, but the path to achievement isn’t as clear. Every day there will be choices that effect your definition of success, and it’s up to you to pick the right one, even though most times it’s the harder road traveled.

Spend 2 minutes in Z1
Then, 3 rounds
10 KBS
10 goblet squats
10 push-ups

Couch stretch
Accumulate 1:00/:20 at a time

3 rounds
1. SA DB OH walking lunge – 10 steps w/each arm
2. Reverse fly’s – 3×8; thumbs back
3. L-Sit – :10 to :20, x2 per round
OH lunges are very difficult, now by making them a unilateral movement for both upper and lower body it creates an immense requirement for core engagement. Make sure you focus on core engagement and OH stability. Think waiters carry for proper shoulder rotation.
With the fly’s, positionally it’s set up like a bent over row with a DB in each hand (a very, very light DB), then it’s very similar to a banded pull apart with the thumbs starting facing away and finishing facing behind.
L-sits – know the progression because they are hell. Start with the knees bent and hips through, then one leg, then both legs. Make sure you understand the difference between simply holding yourself up and being active.

12 min AMRAP
5 S2OH (135/95#)(115/75#)
7 front squats
9 cals on AB

Accessory Work
3 rounds
20 Russian twists
10 weighted sit-ups

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