WOD – Tuesday 11/8

Did you see the CFP newsletter? The PortFit classes are filling up fast. If you don’t know what I am talking about you should sift through your inbox and check out the themed classes starting December 1st. If you have any questions, see myself or Sophie.

Also, don’t forget that CrossFit Portsmouth is the Lululemon box of the month. Meaning every Sunday at 9 in the month of November there will be a special workout for those who are interested in trying CrossFit along with any or our members who want to reinvest in the foundations. Bring that friend of family member that you know would love it and workout along side them.

Start with a lax ball on the shoulder
Spend 2 minutes in Z1
Then, 3 rounds of advancing movements
10 strict press – push press – push jerks
10 back squats – front squats – OHS
10 good mornings – deadlift – hang clean

Banded shoulder mobility – 4 positions

A1. Push jerk – work up to a heavy single
A2. Ring rows – 4×8
*make the rows very hard
Invest in the positions of the push jerk. Our coaches are going to take you through the fundamental principles of how this movement should be executed. Understand that we become much more comfortable with corrected movement through proficiency in each position.
Finding success in the push jerk depends on understanding why we do this movement in the first place. Remember, that it is part of the S2OH family tree and is the most dynamic of the 3 lifts. As you go from the strict press to push press to push jerk, the movements get much more complicated but, in turn, allows you to lift much more weight. This is true because more and more leg/hip power is generated in the push press and then the push jerk. Also in the push jerk, we are not “pushing” the weight to a locked out position rather we are “pushing” ourselves under the bar. As you warm-up this lift, it is important to commit to this position every time. Work hard on becoming better at these advanced movements, because even thought they are extremely difficult, getting better at the jerk will transfer to many other movements.

“Trip around the Sun”
14 min AMRAP
9 squat cleans (115/75#)(95/65#)
15 cals on AB
21 push-ups

Accessory Work
3 rounds
15 banded good mornings
15 weighted sit-ups

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