WOD – Tuesday 12/12

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Spend 2 minutes in Z1
Then, 3 rounds
10 push-ups
20 walking lunges
10 ring rows

Rotational drills to prep the shoulders for the bench

A. Bench press – 1×3 EMOM for 9 sets total @60%
B. Banded pull-aparts – 5×15
If you are really efficient, you could squeeze your pull-aparts in between you bench press sets. But, don’t let them throw off your rhythm. If you want to save them all until you are done benching, that is fine too.

Let’s take a second to talk about the bench press here. There is a lot that we don’t hold ourselves accountable to when we perform this movement. Simply taking the time to understand the set-up will really help to keep us safe while completing the bench press.

Make sure you are grabbing the bar slightly outside your shoulders. Right where you would do push-ups. When you lay down on the bench, the barbell should be at the end of the J-hooks, and it should be right over your eyes. This will make sure your shoulders are safe when you lift the bar off for the first time while making sure the bar doesn’t contact the J-hooks on the way up. Lastly, the bar should come down right down to the breastbone, in a straight line. Make sure you are not pushing the bar back up over the eyes each rep, and really prioritize having your elbows track back towards the rib cage when during the eccentric portion of the lift.

“Rowing to Cynthia’s”
16 min AMRAP
2000m row
As many rounds of “Cynthia” with time remaining.
1 round of Cynthia is
10 box jump overs (24/20″)(20/16″)
20t walking lunges
10 pull-ups
Evidently, we had a tough day with the push-ups yesterday, so we grow and evolve. Cynthia is Cindy’s much nicer, more approachable sister. So instead of struggling again with the push, let’s focus on good ROM in the pull. Classes are going to get all sorts of scores on this one. Depending on how good of a rower you are. Stay focused on the screen and hold a pace that is going to prove challenging.

Cool Down
Spend 5 minutes with recovery as a priority

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