WOD – Tuesday 12/18

Does every one have one lifestyle and one fitness goal on the board?

We hope to have that board full by December 31st.

Spend 2 minutes in Z1
Then, 5 min AMRAP of…
10 air squats
10t step-ups
10 full KBS
10 ring rows

The Port squat mobility series

Complete A1 and A2 every 2:00 for 10:00 total, no rest between, but rest after.
A1. Back squat – complete 5 fast reps between 55 and 65%
A2. Box jumps – 3 high jumps, must step down
This is going to be set up like an EMOM. You will be given time to warm up to appropriate weight. Remember, there is a difference between strength work and speed work. If the barbell is moving too slowly, you have put too much weight on the bar. Just because you can complete the reps, doesn’t mean you are following the instructions. Make sure you prioritize the stimulus, not your score in modify.

Box jumps should be high; thinking 24” and up. Everyone must step down.

“Sleigh all Day”
15 min AMRAP
300m row
20t DB snatches
10 C2B
Simple CrossFit triplet. Gong to feel like a long 15 minutes, so pace accordingly. Unlike our last WOD which featured the DB snatch, you must alternate reps every arm. A tricky action. So reintroduce yourself to that process before the WOD begins.

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