WOD – Tuesday 12/31

Remember, just a 6/7/9am, nooner and 4:15 today.
A 9am, nooner and 4:15 on Wednesday.
Benchmark workout on Friday.

Spend 2 minutes
Then, 2 rounds
10 squats (front/over head)
10 step-ups

Major focus on T-spine and shoulders

“Many Steps Forward”
50/45 cals row
50/40 cals AB
50 OHS (95/65#)(75/55#)
50 box jump overs
50/40 cals AB
50/45 cals row
Intended stimulus – your long workout for the week. Understanding that, we should never be redlining. Even when breaking up your OHS or box jump overs, do so to keep your breathing and heart rate under control. Not one piece of this workout should push you into a pace you cannot sustain. Keeping that in mind, finding a pace doesn’t mean letting yourself off the hook and not holding yourself accountable for working as hard as you can in the moment. So stay invested while being careful to not go too fast at any point.

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