WOD – Tuesday 3/12

Spend 2 minutes in Z1
Then, 4 min AMRAP
Round 1 – 5/10/15; scap pull-up, scap push-up, reverse lunges
Round 2 and beyond – rounds of strict “Cindy”

Banded shoulder; coaches choice

A1. Strict pull-ups – 6×3; weighted and heavy
A2. Banded high-pulls – 3×20
Not as classic as a push/pull strength. Today is more of a pull/pull, focusing on two different angles and therefore prioritizing two different primary movers. It is important that you slow down and really focus on good movement, full ROM and engaging the big muscles before doing anything.

“Union Job”
In 15 minutes
300 DU’s
*10 Air Squats for each break
Then, AMRAP with time remaining…
DB snatches (each side)
Weighted sit-ups (25/15#)
Here is a fun one. Massive buy-in of 300 double under’s then the rest of the 15 minutes is spent in a mini AMRAP. There is a penalty for breaking up the DU’s but the maximum number of air squats you can do is 70. Meaning after your 70th, there are no more penalties. The DB snatches are each side, so for the first round, you need to do 1 with the right and 1 with the left. Round two is 2 and 2. Continue until you run out of time. The weighted sit-ups are done with a plate, not your DB. But it should be held overhead the whole time, not swinging it to help with the movement.

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