WOD – Tuesday 3/26

PortBurn starts this week! What does this program mean for current members? You now can choose to do a Burn WOD in place of the regular CrossFit WOD during the listed Burn class times. The Burn WOD will have a similar focus on functional movements, but will be much more accessible, meaning no barbells, no high skill gymnastics just all sweat! A great opportunity for you to mix it up and challenge yourself in a different way. Also, there is no extra cost for you to participate in this program.

What does this program mean for non-members? Do you have a friend, coworker, sibling, partner that has been interested in CrossFit, but has been hesitant to start? PortBurn is a great way to join our community but doesn’t require a lengthy on-ramp, intimidating barbells or high-level gymnastics movements. The workouts are very approachable and effective.

If you have someone who you think would love this program or you want to learn more check out the PortBurn page on our website – https://theport.fit/programs/port-burn/

Spend 2 minutes in Z1
Then, grab a med ball
10 med ball deadlifts
10 med ball front squats
10 stand and shrugs
10 drop cleans
10 med ball cleans

Full front squat mobility

CrossFit Strength
Squat clean – build to a heavy single; however, before every attempt over 70%, you must perform 40 DU’s
High heart rate, high skill, heavy single Olympic lift. You are going to get 2 minutes to complete the DU’s and make the lift. Try to approach this like you would in a WOD. Meaning get through the DU’s and find a way to bring your HR back down and get your breathing under control as you approach the bar. You do not need to immediately lift, but within :20 of your last DU.

We have been front squatting a lot lately, both with and without pauses, in an attempt to get you comfortable in the bottom and strong throughout the entirety of the lift. Let’s rely on them now. Beat the bar to the bottom and be confident with that bar in a good rack position, hips between the heels and a vertical chest.

CrossFit WOD
“Shoot the J”
42.30.18 – med ball cleans
21.15.9 – T2B
Time to grind. Use the warm-up as a demonstration of what a med ball clean should look like. Now that they are in a WOD, skipping ROM and cutting corners makes no sense just for a faster time. Hold yourself accountable.

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