WOD – Tuesday 3/7

PortFit’s next session is filling up fast. Check the blog for more information.

Spend 2 minutes in Z1
Then 2 rounds, one w/PVC and one w/a barbell
10 deadlifts
10 hang high pulls/cleans
10 front squats
10 strict press/push jerks

Full on mobility blitz based on the strength
Individual mobility should be approached after if needed

Clean and jerk – 10 min EMOM; approach it based on how you feel, starting around 70%, stay and do all 10 lifts across, or build throughout the EMOM.
While we are on a standstill in terms of strength cycles because of the open and the time of year. We will be doing a lot of snatch/clean and jerk EMOM’s because they help control the lifts as to keep volume constant and will maintain rest to work ratio for the entire gym. They also provide an opportunity for each athlete to approach it with an individual mindset. Some of you might choose to stay at a certain weight and work on form, while others will try to max out the lift by the end of the EMOM. Remember, it’s always important to listen to your body, there is a time and place for both avenues.

“Yellow Light”
6 rounds
20/15 cals on rower
5 muscle-ups
Rest 1:00
Scale, scale, scale!!!
For the gymnastic ninja’s, each round should take between 1:00 and 1:30. Therefore everyone else should scale accordingly. In order to hit the proper stimulus, work to rest ratio must be similar. No more than 2:1. Meaning because the rest period between each round is 1:00, you shouldn’t be working for more than 2:00. Change your way of thinking today; it’s not about how many, but about how long. Discuss with a coach to come up with a good plan for you.

Accessory Work
Ab work…
3 rounds
1:00 plank hold
20t slow bird dogs
10 V-ups

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