WOD – Tuesday 4/30

Spend 2 minutes in Z1
Shoulder mobility
Then dynamic warm-up based on skill session

Handstand walk and its progressions
There is some time today to come in and work on those pesky HS walks. If it is a goal to walk inverted, prioritize the time today. Maybe you are just starting and need that next progression or maybe you are great upside down but need to be slightly more efficient. Today will be helpful for all.

This is one of those movements that unless you develop the confidence, it is hard to start to build experience walking around on your hands. If you have built a good foundation and are capable of kicking up onto the wall and demonstrating control and engagement, your next step is to start to move your weight side to side to simulate picking you hands up as you walk. Here are the progressions you can move through, based on your ability level. The priority here is to challenge yourself to get better at something today regardless of what that is.

“Trying Times”
4 min AMRAP
30/20 cals AB
15 burpees
ME HS walk
Rest 2:00, x4
The HS walk has a lot of scaling options but based on your goals picking the right one will be really important. Also, understand that the progression you used during the skill session might not be the best choice because the priority slightly shifts. Be smart here but don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone a bit.

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