WOD – Tuesday 4/18

Spend 2 minutes in Z1
Then, CFP clean warm-up
1 round
10 deadlifts
10 high pulls from hang position
10 front squats
10 strict press
1 round
10 cleans
10 front squats
10 push press
1 round
10 squat cleans
10 jerks

Pigeon, spiderman, and couch stretch
Child’s pose and some PVC mobility

Clean and Jerk – 10 min EMOM
*these can be done climbing to a heavy or new 1RM, across, as wave sets, or moderate load threshold training. Take what’s there today. Please make sure you look back to how you approached this EMOM and change it up a bit. Think about your overall goal, the volume and how you approached this strength last time. Maybe last week if you stayed across, this week you build.

“No Fly Zone”
15 min AMRAP
21/17 cals on rower
18 T2B
15 hang power cleans (135/95#)(115/75#)
9 S2OH
6 bar facing burpees
This is going to be a challenging workout for most, and it should be if you pick the weight appropriately. Think about how you should break up the hang power cleans. Make sure if you are going to break them up, the second set should be a lot smaller, that way you can go right into the S2OH. Use your rests appropriately, take enough time before picking up the bar so that you can really push how many reps you do. After the T2B, grip and shoulders are going to be on fire.

Cool Down
400m recovery lap
Spend 5 minutes with a lax ball on the shoulders

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