WOD – Tuesday 5/15

Spend 2 minutes in Z1
Then, 2 to 3 rounds
5 hang muscle cleans
5 front squats
5 barbell curls
5 bent over rows
5 down dog push-ups

Front squat mobility – ankles, hips and front rack

E:90 for 9 minutes total, complete
2 power cleans + 2 front squats
*you must start with a challenging weight and end with a more challenging weight.
Since it is only 6 lifts, adding 5 to 10# each time is really going to force you to accumulate some volume. Obviously you have the option of staying across but if you do, start heavy and end heavy.

“Got the Best of Me”
5 rounds
5 squat cleans
50 DU’s
*the weight on the bar increases each round.
(135/95#)(115/75#), (165/115#)(135/95#), (185/125#)(165/115#), (205/135#)(185/125#), (225/145#)(205/135#)
Look back, slightly different WOD. Cleans went down in July, today they stay at 5’s. But you are stronger than you were then. Last weight should be between 75 and 80% of your 1RM. Build your plan from there.

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