WOD – Tuesday 5/8

How are everyone’s push-ups going so far? Remember we need 20,000 in the month of May.

Sunday yoga is back with Michelle at 10am.

Murph is on Monday, May 28th. You can do it in any way, shape or form. Participation alone is what’s important. Mini Murph, partner Murph, Cindy Murph, weighted Murph, etc. Doors will open at 8am. Post WOD brunch, games, and fun!

Due to popular demand, PortSwole will be continuing! We will decrease volume per day, and days per week so that you can add on PortSwole work to group class. There’s a 2x and 3x a week option.

The next PortFit is going to be a running class with a priority on building aerobic capacity. There will be 2 to 3 days a week of programming sent to participants. Programming can be completed on your own time similar to PortSwole, before class, instead of class or even after class. An example of a PortRun day might be…

2 rounds
200m run
Rest 1:00
400m run
Rest 1:30
800m run
Rest 3:00

Get in touch with Justin or Sophie if you’re interested in either PortFit option!

Warm-upSpend 2 minutes in Z1
Then, 2 to 3 rounds
5 hang muscle cleans
5 strict press
5 barbell curls
5 bent over rows
5 down dog push-ups

Banded shoulder mobility

8 min EMOM
Weightlifting complex – 2 cleans + 2 jerks
*cleans can be power or squat, they must be TnG. Jerks should be push jerks, but don’t HAVE to be.

“Quick Sand”
8 rounds
200m run
10 HSPU’s
Rest 1 minute
Each round should be done in less than 2 minutes so scaling the HSPU’s will be critical. Please make sure you understand how to set up and execute a proper HSPU. Rxing this workout means you will end up completing 80 of them, so perfect form is going to be an absolute priority.

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