WOD – Tuesday 6/18

Spend 2 minutes in Z1
Then, 2 rounds
10 hollow rocks
10 ring rows
10 hollow crunches
10 push-ups
10 hollow scissor kicks

Quick joint mobility

The ring muscle-up
Muscle-up work – every 2 minutes for 12 minutes total, complete 1 to 4 strict ring muscle-ups or a progression of.
1. Strict muscle-up work
2. Muscle-up transitions + ring dips
3. Ring rows + dips
So building this to be productive is going to based on a couple of things.
1. Your current ability level with the movement.
2. Your goals.
You must scale this session based on what you can currently do and hold yourself accountable to using this time to be productive. Make this really hard and challenge yourself to get better at something very high skill. But you should also consider your goals. If you have no interest in a muscle up, you can still work on gymnastics strength during this session by keeping things strict and completing 2 to 4 pulls and 2 to 4 dips. If you do want a muscle-up, make sure you really dial in the positions.

400m run
15 clean and jerks (135/95#)(115/75#)
5 muscle-ups
400m run
12 clean and jerks
4 muscle-ups
400m run
9 clean and jerks
3 muscle-ups
This workout has something for everyone. If you excel at gymnastics, the muscle-up will make you very happy. If you are more of a barbell person, the clean and jerk will help you move through this one and if you are more or a cardio hardio, the runs play a major role in pacing. Finding a place that you can push, a place you can find your breath and then maybe a place where you can grind through will determine the movements and weights in this one. The clean and jerks should be a moderate weight, not something you would classify as heavy, but something that will provide a good challenge.

If you cannot complete muscle-ups as prescribed you can change the reps or the movement based on your goals. If you can do a muscle-up, maybe holding yourself accountable to 1 or 2 each round will help you work on them in a high heart rate environment, but not failing so many reps that you lose the intended intensity of the workout. If you have no interest in muscle-ups or haven’t perfected the skill just yet, 2 pulls and 2 pushes per rep can be substituted. Just make sure you make those hard.

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