WOD – Tuesday 6/19

Spend 2 minutes in Z1
Then, 2 to 3 rounds
20 air squats
15 hollow rocks
10 push-ups
5 strict pull-ups or ring rows
10e monster walks left/right

Posterior chain prep for the DL
Shoulder prep for the HSPU’s

A. Deadlift – 3×6; AHAP
B. HSPU’s – complete 2 sets of 4 to 8 reps every :90 for 6 minutes total (5 rounds)
The deadlift session is relatively low in volume and should be used as a lifting session and a way to prep for the WOD. After you are done lifting, load their bars with the weight you plan on using in the WOD.

What can I say? An incredibly hard movement. Take some time today to try to get better at one aspect of this movement regardless of your ability level. Whether it is set-up or execution. We all can improve some piece.

“Full Send”
5 rounds
30 abmat sit-ups
15/12 cals AB
6 deadlifts (275/185#)(225/155#)
Rest 1:00
Heavy, heavy. But it is 6 reps and there is a break immediately after. So really push the percentage here. Thinking anywhere between 65 and 75%. Really treating every section of this workout as a sprint. Move through the sit-ups, push the bike and complete the deadlifts. Let’s go.

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