WOD – Tuesday 8/27

Spend 2 minutes in Z1
Then, foam roll the lats and thoracic spine
Quick shoulder mobility
3 rounds
10 kip swings
10 false grip ring rows
10 close grip push-ups
10 parallette bar shoot-throughs (no push-up or dip)

CF Skill
The ring muscle-up
Today we will break the work into three stations. Regardless of where you are with your muscle-ups, you will work with the most basic version of the progression and graduate through. Eventually finding the place you should stop and focus on for the day.
Station 1 will be working on ring transition drills on the low rings
Station 2 will be on the high rings working on kipping and transition drills
Station 3 will work exclusively on stringing together reps or strict work

“Unknown Caller”
16 min AMRAP
50/40 cals row
10 ring muscle-ups
50 wall balls
This workout is going to feel very much like the open. An enormous amount of shoulder fatigue will make an already difficult movement even harder. So if you have muscle-ups, be realistic with the number you want to hit each round and make sure it aligns with your goals for today’s training session. If you want to work through 10, understand it will take away from the intensity of the WOD if it takes you too long. But doing muscle-ups in WODs will get you better at getting muscle-ups in WODs so if you want to start to increase your capacity, trying to get all 10 might be better. If you think you can do 4 or 5 a round and it will keep you moving and keep your heart rate up, maybe that’s a better approach. Talk to a coach and come up with the best plan of attack.

If muscle-ups just aren’t there yet, substitute 2 hard pulls and 2 hard pushes per muscle-up.

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