WOD – Tuesday 9/4

September 1st has always been a natural time to reflect on the year so far, to celebrate the goals you have achieved or determine whether or not you are on your way to reaching that goal still left unattained. Ever since we were kids, September brings the beginning of a new school year. A chance to redefine yourself. To introduce a whole different you to a seemingly willing population. This feeling never seems to go away and as we step into the fall I urge you to take a little time to do just that. How is this year going? Did the summer deter you from reaching some of your goals? How can we change that?

Getting a chance to start fresh allows us to reinvest in what is important. A routine with healthy habits both nutritionally but recovery based as well. Good sleep habits, lot’s of water and maybe more consistency at the gym. Let’s head into the fall with a refreshed view and a revamped motivation. Here’s to the last quarter of 2018.

Spend 2 minutes in Z1
Then, 3 rounds
5 S2OH
5 back squats
5 bent over rows
5 deadlifts

Shoulder mobility

Push jerk – find a 3RM
*if you cap out too quickly, complete 2 to 3 drop sets at 90%
Working on our OH stability and active shoulders. Because we are putting together a set of 3, spending the least amount of energy is going to be very important. With the weight going overhead, getting into a locked out position as quickly as possible will really help with just that. Try to think about your speed under the bar as opposed to catching it with your arms bent and having to press out. It will be much less strenuous on your entire body if you get to a stable position as fast as possible.

“Alley Cat”
20 min AMRAP
50 DU’s
40 KBS (70/53#)(53/35#)
30/25 cals row
Long and sweaty. Pacing is really going to be important in this one. So come out with that in mind. If we come out too hot, we might not be able to hold on for the whole 20 minutes.

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