WOD – Tuesday 8/1

Two Dog Tuesday

So we crushed that Assault Bike challenge. With only three weeks to do it, we accumulated over 60,000 calories as a gym. Huge numbers by some individuals with Ryan leading the charge getting 10,000 calories alone. Just amazing.

This month we will be tackling push-ups. As a gym, the goal is to complete 10,000 push-ups. All of the same rules apply; they can be done before or after class and can be scaled by using a box to raise the hands.

When we complete a push-up we are making sure we keep the balls of our feet on the ground, shoulders and hips lower together, chest touches the ground (thighs do not), elbows are closer to the ribs than the shoulders, and we reach FULL extension at the top.

Remember that we are doing these challenges to get better at foundational skills that will transfer really well to all other aspects. That will only be true if we hold ourselves accountable to perfect form and full range of motion. Don’t short your damn reps.

Spend 2 minutes in Z1
Then, 3 rounds
10 good mornings
10 back rack lunges
10 strict presses

Shoulder prep for OH positon in jerk

Split jerk – work up to a perfect single at the heaviest weight possible.
Our skill session for the week. A very, very difficult movement for most. Focus on the foot work and finishing with a strong OH position. More confident athletes can work up to a heavy single, while members still working on form should stay lighter and focus on perfecting the movement.

“Quick Jab”
Every 5:00, x4
400m run
15 KBS (70/53#)(53/35#)
12 C2B
So if this takes you 3:20, then you have 1:40 to rest. If they want to sustain through this entire workout, scaling the pull-ups will make all the difference. Think about getting between 1:00 to :30 off each time, so the difference between struggling through chest to bar and going unbroken on regular pull-ups is over a minute. Be smart and have a plan.

Cool Down
Spend 5 minutes with a band.
Shoulders and hamstrings.

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