WOD – Tuesday 8/22

SUMMER PARTY this Saturday!
Great Island Common in New Castle
Pot Luck BBQ
Stop by anytime between 3 – 8pm
Hope to see you all there!

Spend 2 minutes in Z1
Then, 3 rounds
8e step ups
8 v-ups
:20 HS hold

Hips and hamstrings

Weighted pull-ups – 5×5; build in weight if you can.
Those that cannot should focus on tough progression including partner assisted. The partner assisted pull-ups are an awesome way to help each other through. Much better than adding a band. Negatives are a great way to add in some difficulty to those who set up a bar in a rig. A set of 5 scaled pull-ups then 3 negatives on the big rig. Great way to build strength through the full ROM.

“Criminal Affairs”
3 rounds
40 wall balls
30 sit-ups
20 burpee box jump overs
This is the longer workout of the week and will be capped at 20 minutes. It’s very doable as long as you approach it realistically. Make sure you keep moving.

Cool Down
Spend 3 minutes with a foam roller
Get your push-ups in

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