WOD – Tuesday 9/24

3 rounds for quality
12/10 cals row
1 wall climb to 10t weight transfer drills
10 Russian KBS

Shoulder prep and hamstring mobility

CF Skill
HS walk – 10 min to work on getting better
Review the performance cues of the handstand and how to transition into HS walking.

This is one of those movements that unless you develop the confidence, it is hard to start to build experience walking around on your hands. If you have built a good foundation and are capable of kicking up onto the wall and demonstrating control and engagement, your next step is to start to move your weight side to side to simulate picking you hands up as you walk. Here are the progressions you can move through, based on your ability level. The priority here is to challenge yourself to get better at something today regardless of what that is.
1. Shoulder taps in plank
2. Walking laterally in the plank
3. Shoulder taps piked on a box
4. Walking piked on a box
5. Shoulder taps against a wall
6. Kick up and walk toward the wall
7. HS walk 5/10/15′
8. Obstacle course

“Farmer Diane”
Deadlifts (225/155#)(185/105#)
100m shuttle run and 100m farmer carry after each set
So Diane is a benchmark workout created by CrossFit corporate similar to Fran or Cindy. Which means you know it is going to be hard. So pick a weight for the deadlifts that’s going to get you through in no more than 2 sets and as you know that middle round is the toughest. So if you cannot do at least 10 reps of that weight unbroken fresh, it is too heavy.

Understand that the shuttle run and farmers carry will have a tremendous effect on the movements, so be ready for it and plan for it in your approach.

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