WOD – Wedensday 5/30

Spend 2 minutes in Z1
Then, 3 rounds
10 wall balls
10 bootstrap squats
10e monster walks

The Port squat mobility series

Back squat – E:90 for 12 min
Round 1 – 1×4
Round 2 – 1×3
Round 3 – 1×2
Rounds 4 to 8 – all singles
Build in weight the entire time.
The clock is going to be set for 1:30 intervals. You are required to complete your squats during that :90. Reps go down, weight is going to increase. Building to a heavy max for the day given the scheduled rest times. Normally you might take longer between reps, but today it is about getting back on the bar and seeing what you can move with a little less rest.

“Scrap Metal”
E5:00 for 20:00 total
30t DB front rack lunges
20/15 cals AB
10 DB hang power cleans
Rx DB’s 50/35 but scale to the lunges
Both movements with DB’s are done with 2. Front rack lunges must be just that. They can be walking, they can be in place, but they must be in the front rack. Not back rack. Probably won’t go unbroken. Scale the DB weight to make the lunges very challenging.

Accessory Work
Banded leg extensions – 150t
Banded wood chops – 100t

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