WOD – Wednesday 1/16

Spend 2 minutes in Z1
Then, 5 min AMRAP
10 squats
10 steps left
10 squats
10 steps right

The Port squat mobility session

Back squat –
Each set AHAP; look to 11/24
Look at numbers, we want each to be pretty close to a max effort. The good part about this one is we did a squat cycle where the first 4 weeks were sets of 8. You could look back and see what kind of numbers you were hitting for 8 reps and try to throw that on the bar. From there, building will be all based on feel. Work hard here.

“Trigger Happy”
200 DU’s
1500/1200m row
100 air squats
50/40 cals AB
The longer workout for the week. Still shouldn’t take anything close to the 50’s workout we did right before Christmas but will require a little bit of grit.

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