WOD – Wednesday 1/3

Sign into Wodify and spend 2 minutes in Z1
Then, 3 rounds for quality
6-10 ring rows
8e KB strict press
16 hollow rocks
10 push-ups

Shoulder rotations and lat prep for the strength

A1. Bench press – 5×3; building to a 3RM + 1×3@90%
A2. Weighted pull-up – 5×3; build

“DJ, musica!”
12 min AMRAP
8 C2B
12 burpees
16t pistols
When you think about difficult movements, most of the top offenders require all 10 characteristics of fitness; speed, strength, power, agility, accuracy, balance, coordination, flexibility, endurance, and stamina. The pistol is a clear candidate for hardest movement and it definitely requires a demonstration of all 10 characteristics.

Make sure you take the time to work through the progression tree for the pistol. Start with the easiest movment and walk yourself through each step; air squats – reverse lunges – box step-ups – box pistols – pistols with a band – pistols using the rig – Rx pistols

Form is everything with pistols. As you get tired and form breaks down, the knee will start to come over the toes, and we all know that isn’t the way it should be. Be smart but hold yourself accountable, if you really start to lose your good form, simply scale the movement so you stay safe.

Accessory Work
Straight arm, banded fly’s – accumulate 100 facing each direction

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