WOD – Wednesday 10/16

Group mobility session

:30 on AB
10 deadlifts
10 bent over rows
10 strict press
:30 on AB
8 hang cleans
8 push press
:30 on AB
6 hang cleans and jerks

Hang power clean and split jerk – work up to a heavy single for the day
A day to lift some heavy weight. But since most of us will be limited by the hang power clean, we can really focus on good mechanics over head.
With the hang power clean, remember, keep the lower back flat, knees back on the dip, jump as hard as you can and punch those elbows through as fast as you can. The feet must remain underneath you, so focus on hitting a squat stance rather than allowing them to go super wide. The lower you can catch the bar, the more weight you’ll be able to clean.

“Can Do”
1:30 min AMRAP
30 DU’s
6 clean and jerks (155/105#)(135/95#)
30 DU’s
ME push-ups with time remaining
Rest :30 between AMRAP’s, x5
Intended stimulus – interval training with very little rest compared to the working piece. This won’t allow athletes to push it into the 90 to 95% effort but will allow for a higher intensity than a typical AMRAP.
The DU’s are going to bring your HR way up but you are working towards a rest period and ultimately, once you get to the push-ups, there isn’t much aerobic demand. So get right on the bar after your first set and then get right back to the rope after your last clean and jerk. Do not let your breathing and HR dictate your movement. Maintain control and push the pace here.
*sub HSPU’s if align with your goals

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