WOD – Wednesday 10/30

Shoulder mobility session – coaches choice
2:00 in Z1
Grab a bar and find a rack

3 rounds of increasing weight
10 strict press/push press/push jerk
5 inchworms with a push-up to opposite toe touch

Push jerk – 7×1; build
All singles should be above 80%. Really work on driving as hard as you can with your legs and pushing yourself DOWN under the bar. Do not emphasize pushing up on the bar to lock out. This movement is an Olympic lift, so just like the clean and the snatch, try to get the bar weightless and capitalize by getting yourself into a good, strong position. 

50 med ball cleans 
25 push jerks (155/105#)(135/95#)
50 med ball cleans
Intended stimulus – if you have 6 gears, try to spend most of this workout in 5th. It isn’t a sprint because you will need to break up the push jerks, but you should be moving pretty quickly. 
The med ball cleans will really trash the legs, so be ready for it when you pick up the bar for the first time. Be smart when planning reps and sets. Do not put it down because you are tired, put it down when you plan on it. Sets of 5 are the minimum, so if you can’t do the Rx weight fresh for 5 reps, scaling the weight will be smart. Putting it down too many times will result in too many cleans. 

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