WOD – Wednesday 10/19

The progression that is scheduled today is not new to CFP. We have done it before and will definitely do it again. The reason why it is so valuable is it truly optimizes EMOM training. If you plan accordingly, it allows you to work at a high intensity for :30 to :45 and then allows for a short recovery. When repeated for an entire workout it achieves true energy system training. Unlike normal WOD’s where you must maintain a certain level (often a much lower level) of intensity to make it through the whole workout, this style of training allows you to hit much higher levels of intensity that can be sustained.

So when you approach this EMOM, pick numbers that are sustainable. Numbers that are challenging but also numbers that you can maintain.

4 rounds of rowling
*your strokes over 100 plus your partners = reps per round
Round 1 – squats
Round 2 – squats + sit-ups
Round 3 – squats + sit-ups + push-ups
Round 4 – squats + sit-ups + push-ups + pull-ups

Dynamic mobility with movement specific warm-up, coach led.
10 straight leg deadlift
10 high pulls
10 hang cleans
10 front squats

8 min weightlifting EMOM
Power clean – 3 TNG reps
From the floor every time, can not drop the bar in between. Working on catching the bar high up on the shoulders and moving your feet from the power position to the catch position. No giraffe legs.

14 min EMOM
Evens – 15/12 cals on rower
Odds – 15 burpees to a plate
This progression is back, think about numbers that you can sustain. This is another progression that will truly help you understand pace and sustainability. Use numbers that will give you :10 to :20 of rest each round. Numbers that are challenging but also numbers that you can maintain.

Cool Down
3 min on foam roller
2 min lax ball on bottom of foot

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