WOD – Wednesday 11/14

A huge congratulations to all of the athletes who competed in the Southie Showdown last weekend. Sophie, Kristi, Ashley and Dilan all represented well and left everything on the floor. Their efforts were truly incredible, they stayed positive the whole weekend and showed everyone on the floor what a true competitor is supposed to be like; hard working, having fun and supporting each other. Awesome job guys!

Spend 2 minutes in Z1
Then, 1 round
10 banded plank walks left
10 banded push-ups
10 banded plank walks right
10 ring rows
Single arm, single leg plank holds, birddogs, superman snow angels, etc.

Shoulder mobility to prep for strength

Strict press – complete all sets AHAP; 2×5, 2×3, and 3×1
So adding weight after each of the rep changes, but stay across in the same rep schemes.

Working on the fundamental S2OH lift will only help when applying the movement to something more dynamic like the push press or even jerk. Make sure you are setting up correctly and executing the lift following the two most important rules when going overhead.
1. The bar path must be straight – going from point A to point B must be a straight line. So elbows should always start in front of the bar, face should be pulled out of the way and bar should move straight up.
2. Everything must stay stacked – shoulders, hips and the middle fo the foot should all be in line and stay in line during the pressing movement. At the top, the wrists, shoulders, hips and middle of the foot should be stacked with midline and shoulders engaged.

20 min EMOM – :50’s of work, :10 of transition time
1. Cals AB
2. D-ball bear hug
3. Weighted sit-ups
4. Rest
Just a sweat fest. Everyone is going to get a turn at man-handling our new d-balls. They weight 150 and 100# respectively and should be treated as such. Cleaning them into position should be done with the same regards as cleaning a really heavy barbell. Once you get them into position, you must hold them in a bear hug. Just for the sake of continuity, a bear hug is a bear hug. It must stay out front and hands cannot be too far underneath the ball. Keep the hips and shoulders in line and try to not overextend the spine to support the ball.

Accessory Work
Banded good mornings – accumulate 100
Weighted plank holds – accumulate 4:00

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