WOD – Wednesday 11/22

Ok, last week of the Lifestyle Challange and this will be the hardest of them all.

We are always doing something. When was the last time you actually did nothing? I mean nothing.
You probably can’t remember. There is either something we “have to” be doing or “should” be doing. And if those things are done, there is another something we want to be doing.
But how often does it occur to us that it’s actually okay, maybe even good, to do nothing?
Even relaxing is something to get done.
We tend to measure our self-worth based on how many things we get done and/or the “quality” of the things we get done. What if doing wasn’t how we calculated our value?
This week, for 10 minutes, sit, lie, or stand and do nothing. Do not check your phone. Do not read. Do not even try to meditate.
Just be there, and if any feelings come up — discomfort, restlessness, or even guilt or silliness that you’re not doing anything — just acknowledge them without needing to do anything about them, and let them pass.

Like I said, hardest one yet.

Spend 2 minutes in Z1
Then, 3 rounds
8 strict pull-ups or ring rows
10 deadlifts; adding weight to the bar after each round

Banded shoulder on the rig

A1. SA KB push jerk – 5x5e; AHAP
A2. SA KB bent over row – 4x8e; AHAP
*push jerks have a :02 pause in the catch position
**bent over rows have a :02 pause at the top
Really make sure that you are really staying connected with the entire rep. Feel the pauses and the activation of the right muscles. During the pause OH, it is important to reaffirm the active position, core engaged, ribs down and head through. You are pausing at the top of the row, because lats are engaged but scaps are back and down.

“Walking on Air”
Every 4:00, for 20:00 total
10 C2B pull-ups
15 deadlifts (155/105#)(135/95#)
20/16 cals AB
Another earn your own rest situation. You know the deal, if you aren’t, figure out why and scale. Either make the movement easier (C2B), the weight lighter (DL) or the decrease the reps (cals). In fact, there is going to be a mandatory time cap with-in the workout. No one should be spending any more than a minute on the bike.

Accessory Work
Weighted OH sit-ups – accumulate 100
*keeping a KB over your face the entire time. Think about it is a drink, don’t spill your drink.

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