WOD- Wednesday 11/27

Spend 2 minutes in Z1
Then, 3 rounds
10 kip swings + 5 strict pull-ups
10 hollow hold, banded pull-throughs
10 hollow rocks

Shoulder prep for kipping

The Bar muscle-up
Work through some kipping progressions
Just like the push press is won or lost in the dip and drive, the success of the bar muscle depends on the efficiency and power of your kip. And just like the dip of the push press, the backswing in the kip should be short and powerful. He more tension you can maintain in the arch position of the kip swing, the more energy is released in the arch portion. This helps you get the bar down lower and increases your probability of getting that next rep.
Then, complete 1 to 3 bar muscle-ups EMOM for 3 to 5 minutes while starting to warm up your squat clean. Start with some bigger sets at lighter weight but as you build decrease your reps per set. Make sure you hit at least 1 or 2 cleans at each weight you plan on using in the workout.

“All Natural”
Squat cleans
After every set, complete
18t step-ups (unweighted)
12/10 cals AB
6/4 bar muscle-ups
Rest 1:30
Weight on the bar increases each round 95/65, 135/95, 165/115, 185/115, 205/135#
Intended stimulus – high skill weightlifting that gets heavy quick coupled with high skill gymnastics, some unweighted step-ups, and everyone’s favorite machine, the devil’s tricycle. We can look forward to the challenge as this workout “matures” be ready and have a plan. Ninjas are going to make quick work of the squat cleans and bar muscle-ups so if you think you might be slowed down by either, scale the weight, the reps or the movement themselves. Do not sleep on those step-ups, they will make things a bit more annoying. Find a way to grind through and get to those rest periods.

Looking at the weights on the barbell, think about the first bar being well below 40% and the last bar being between 60 and 70%.

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