WOD – Wednesday 11/7

Big lift day today. Dial in your form and then get after this one.

Spend 2 minutes in Z1
Then, coach directed barbell warm-up
1 round
Bent over rows
Front squats
1 round
Hang power cleans
Front squats
1 round
Squat cleans

Mobility to prep for squat cleans – front squat and front rack mobility

The squat clean – warm up past the weight you plan on using in the workout.

“Drive train”
4 rounds
500m row
4 squat cleans (225/155#)(185/125#)
6 box jumps (30/24”)
8 C2B
So today is all about getting more comfortable under a heavy barbell. The warm-up and strength are going to be 100% devoted to dialing in perfect movement and building to something that will provoke the correct stimulus in the WOD. The weight is going to be super heavy for most. We are talking about completing 16 of these in sets of 4, so percentages could be close to 85 or 90%, depending on the athlete. So determining that perfect weight is the top priority,

Box jumps are higher as well, and the common question is “is it better to jump on a lower box or step up on a higher one?” which is a simple answer, jumping always wins. BUT, stepping up is Rx with the box jump, so you don’t have to push it if you uncomfortable jumping.

Accessory Work
Banded leg extensions – accumulate 100t
Back extensions – accumulate 60

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