WOD – Wednesday 11/1

Welcome to November, the beginning of the holiday season. A time that provides plenty opportunities to spend quality time with friends and family. It is truly a magical time of year. However, along with all of the celebrations comes a little inconsistency. It is a lot harder to find the time, and sometimes the longer you go without coming in, the harder it becomes to find the motivation.

So in the month of November, we are going to take a break from a gym-wide challenge and focus more on personal lifestyle tasks that we can complete regardless of whether or not it is a day that you make it into the gym. These tasks are aimed at making you more present in your everyday actions. To really think about your effort and reflect on training. My goal for the month of November is to help you stay in the pilot seat to your training. To really stay focused on your 60 minutes inside the gym instead of absent mindlessly walking through it, which we are all guilty of doing.

The first week’s challenge is to find a time to put your electronic devices down. There are times in our life that simple boredom creates a reflex for us to pick up our phones. This week I challenge you to recognize that behavior and fight it. Keep your devices where they are and simply be where you are.

Simple Instructions
Think about the places or times in your life where you use your phone or mobile devices just because you are bored. Some examples: sitting in the bathroom, waiting in line, walking down the street, on the subway, or sitting in traffic.
Pick the scenario that is most common in your life. You don’t have to practice this lifestyle challenge in every situation that you are bored, just pick one. Each time you are in that situation this week, intentionally leave your device (face down) on your desk or in your bag or pocket.

Spend 2 minutes in Z1
Then, 3 rounds
10 DB thrusters
10 hanging leg raises
10 ring rows

Quick group mobility with a shoulder focus

8 min EMOM Gymnastics
Evens – 50m farmers carry (70/53#)
Odds – 5 to 10 HSPU’s
Gymnastics strength session. Working on grip strength and OH positioning and pressing power. Grip strength is such an important aspect of training as to keep your shoulders and elbows healthy and injury free. Keeping your grip strong will prevent the common elbow pain we see a lot of. Make sure you are wrapping your thumbs around the handles of the KB’s.

“Sorry I’m not Sorry”
500m row
40 air squats
20 deadlifts (115/75#)(95/65#)
Rest 2:00
500m row
40 air squats
20 hang cleans
Rest 2:00
500m row
40 air squats
20 S2OH
This one might be too much fun. Like you might get done with it and want to do it again. So be careful. One barbell that stays at the same weight. Reps stay the same and there is going to be 2:00 rest between each mini WOD. Hold yourself accountable to good movement. Full range of motion, knees out, core engaged in every single air squat.

Accessory Work
Banded leg curls – accumulate 100t
Banded good mornings – accumulate 80

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