WOD – Wednesday 11/16

Wouldn’t you like to be a fly on the wall for those two conversations.
That is all, I think I used up all my blogging space yesterday…

Start off with a lax ball on the shoulders
Then 2 minutes in Z1
Then, 2 rounds
15 push-ups w/2 shoulder taps @ top
10 hollow rocks
:15 HS hold
50′ bear crawl

4 position banded shoulder mobility

A1. Bench press – 6×3 around 85-90%
A2. Pull-ups with a negative – 5 sets of 3 with a :03 neg
*ninjas can go weighted
These pull-ups are going to help level the playing field in terms of even the best in the gym will be humbled. Make sure you are staying strict on the movement and strict with the :03 negative for each pull-up. If you can do it no problem, add weight. Those that don’t have pull-ups should be doing jumping pull-ups to :03 negative. No bands.

“20’s are the new 10’s”
3 rounds
20 deadlifts (205/155#)(185/125#)
20 burpees
2 rope climbs
*scale reps and weight here!
So this is going to be a workout where scaling just the weight might not be enough. 2 rope climbs back to back are very hard for anyone. Scale the rope climbs accordingly.
Laying down to a standing pull + 2 hanging knee raises + controlled decent is the best substitution.

Cool Down
Spend 5 minutes on shoulder recovery.

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