WOD – Wednesday 1/18

The Open is coming. We have been talking about it a little in class, but if you’d like a little more information on how we run it at CFP. The short explanation is that for 5 weeks, CrossFit corporate releases a workout every Thursday night that can be done in the gym from Thursday night to Monday night. We will be doing the workouts as a gym all day Friday. However, if you sign up for the intermural open, you will be put on a team and if you come simply wearing your team shirt during Friday Night Lights (4-6pm) you will earn your team 1 point. You don’t even have to do the workout that night, you just have to show up and show your team pride. The team with the most points at the end of the 5 weeks will earn their spot on the trophy. There are many more little rules and a ton of different categories to sign up for; Rx, scaled and even masters.

Here is the link to the facebook page. Let me know if you have any questions and if you’d like to sign up there is a binder up front. Get your name on the list so your eligible for the draft.


Spend 2 minutes in Z1
Then 2 rounds
10 deadlifts
10 hang cleans
10 front squats
10 strict press w/a stretch at the top

Coach led prep for the squat clean – quads, hips, ankles

Squat clean – find a heavy double
The squat clean, what can I say? I have a love-hate relationship with this movement. Those of you who can demonstrate proficiency should be doing all 3 aspects of the pull. Meaning you should be catching it in the squat. If you lack the confidence, mobility or experience the movement can either be broken into two movements OR you can remove the squat completely. Simply work on the perfect pull of the power clean. They must be TnG.

4 rounds
10 UB clean and jerks (135/95#)(115/75#)
40/35 cals on the rower
Rest 3:00
Interval work for the week. Only slightly less intense than Monday strictly because of the rest. Clean and jerk weight must be scaled to the heaviest weight in which you can go UB. Dropping the bar before you’ve done 10 is not an option, make sure that is clear. The row should be AFAP. Keep your times each round.

Cool Down
Quick stretch before you go – 3 minutes a side

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