WOD – Wednesday 12/11

Mobility session as a class
Front squat
Front rack

:30 on any machine
10 deadlifts
10 hang cleans
10 front squats
:30 on any machine
Add weight to your bar
8 power cleans
8 front squats
:30 on any machine
Add weight to your bar
6 squats cleans
6 hang squat cleans

Weightlifting complex – 1 squat clean + 1 hang squat clean
Both cleans today are going to be squat cleans. That means if you are new to this movement, you might want to keep it a bit lighter and work on getting under the bar and receiving it in a strong position. A good plan of attack might be to build to a challenging weight and completing a 6 to 8 min EMOM. If you are an experienced lifter, you know being able to squat just means you can clean more weight. In that case, build to a heavy single for the day.

The main thing, as coaches, that we have seen recently is the pressure of getting under the bar sometimes prevents us from hitting a true triple extension. Even though we feel like we need to be fast under the bar, we need to hit triple extension in order to move the weight high enough, allowing us to get under things that are 90% of our true 1RM. Today, this should be our focus.

“Slightly Scary”
14 min AMRAP
10 squat cleans (155/105#)(135/95#)
40 sit-ups
Intended stimulus – just. keep. swimming.
This one will be set up to always keep you moving but my challenge to you is to find a weight on the bar that you can move well throughout the entire 14 minutes. Which means you should try to fight against the battle of going to singles. See if you can hold onto the bar for doubles or triples. It might force you to slow down a bit and it might make you fall down a couple of spots on Wodify, but the learning experience and the improvement you might make moving the bar will start to really come in handy for cycling a barbell.

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