WOD – Wednesday 12/18

3 to 4 rounds
:30 on any machine
10 sumo squats
10 sumo deadlifts w/KB
:30 hanging hold in knee tuck or L-sit position

Posterior chain prep

Sumo deadlift –
Building to a tough double with perfect form.
Because the set-up is so different, super wide stance, really close grip and a much more upright torso takes a lot of pressure off the lower back and really emphasizes proper quad and glute activation. You will feel different muscles working in the sumo vs. a conventional deadlift so some of us will really excel in this set-up while others will be better at the other form of the deadlift. Look back to June 3rd and try to build a rep scheme based on those numbers.

Every 4:00 for 20:00 total
6/4 muscle-ups
500m row
Intended stimulus – work and rest, work and rest. Really push the rounds to allow for plenty of rest. But there is a thin line between pacing and bombing. Try to maintain something hard, but the priority is keeping every round the same. Those of us who have a tough time with muscle-ups know that if you get too fatigued then it is all over because you will scare the muscle-ups away.

The muscle-ups should be completed in one set, so pick a number you can hold over the course of the 5 rounds. If muscle-ups are not an option, sub 12 to 18 pull-ups (or C2B if you want more of a challenge).

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