WOD – Wednesday 12/20

Please make sure you are wearing one set of shoes or boots into and out of the gym and a completely different pair of shoes in the gym.
1. Salt is almost impossible to get off those black mats without a full mop job.
2. The road salt eats rubber and will wear your shoes out faster.

5 rounds of increasing intensity
10/8 cals AB
8 Russian KBS
4 burpees
Rest :30

Group mobility session

Rowing – let’s clean up some technique
Love this guy.

“Memories frozen in time”
12 burpee touches (6″ target)
15/12 cals AB
18/15 cals row
21 Russian KBS (70/53#)(53/35#)
Rest 2 min, x4 or 5 rounds
Long WOD. Going to take the whole class to come in, prep and get through this one. Think about your approach to pacing as this being a 15 min workout. Even though there is a rest, if you pace it as a sprint, round 1 and round 4 will look very different. That is not the overall goal. Sustaining a higher percentage is. So be smart.

You will have to earn the opportunity to complete the 5th round. Coaches will make the final decision. If rounds 1 through 4 are well paced and consistent, then you can go get round 5. If you are significantly slower in rounds 3 and 4, there is no need to force the 5th round. It isn’t about speed, it is about consistency.

Accessory Work
Banded hammer curls – accumulate 50
SA banded tricep push downs – acumulate 100t

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