WOD – Wednesday 12/26

Remember, just a 9am, noon and 4:15pm today.

Spend 2 minutes in Z1
Then, 2 rounds
15 goblet squats
5 kip swings
5 strict pull-ups or ring rows

Front squat mobility series

Front squat – 2.2.2 cluster
Build to a heavy weight
Cluster format is 2 front squats, rest :10 with the bar back in the rack. 2 front squats, rest :10 and then 2 front squats. After your 6th front squat, take a big break. Think at least 2 minutes. Building in that cluster. Think about a normal percentage for 6, you should be thinking around 80%, but since there are short rests every 2 reps, you should be trying to hit something closer to 85%.

Today we are going to focus on the movement pattern of the hips. As you lower, hips must go back and down, but as you stand up it is imperative that you keep your hips underneath you for maximum drive out of the hole. Sometimes we let those hips get behind us, which pushes our chest forward and therefore puts us in a pretty bad position. Unsafe and less powerful.

10 min running clock
Complete 2 rounds of…
8/6 bar muscle-ups
12 front squats (205145#)(185/125#)
Max calories on the rower in time remaining.
This is going to be an important workout to scale for everyone, even if you are someone who can complete bar muscle-ups and/or lift the Rx weight. We want everyone to get on the rower around the same time, so no matter what movements you chose make sure it doesn’t make it too easy so you’re on the rower in 3 minutes, or too hard and prevents you from getting on the rower until 8 minutes in. Be smart and think about the following.

Some of our faster athletes will be done with the BMU’s and front squats and on the rower in around 5 minutes. Doing everything unbroken and moving through the two rounds fairly quickly. Replicating that time stimulus for yourself is going to be very individualized. Changing the BMU reps, making it a different pull (C2B or pull-ups), or scaling it down to a piked bar row is going to make sure you don’t get bogged down. While the front squats are going to be heavy, so finding a weight that might make you break up the reps into two sets will be your best approach. Think between 55 and 65%.

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