WOD – Wednesday 12/28

This doesn’t start til NEXT WEEK!
Yoga crafted specifically for CFP athletes
Christi from Empower Yoga will be hosting 4 sessions at 8 am on Wednesday mornings in January, upstairs at CFP.
$10 per class or $35 for all 4 classes.
Christi will be constructing these classes based on the previous days CFP workouts.
This is a starting point if there is enough interest we will work to expand yoga class options.

Any questions, please ask Megan.

Spend 2 minutes in Z1
Then, 2 rounds
10 deadlifts
10 hang cleans
10 front rack lunges
10 strict press w/stretch at top
10 good mornings

Some PVC mobility for front rack positon and posterior chain for pulls from the floor.

Clean and jerk – 1.1
*find a heavy double, not TnG
**can be a push or split jerk
As always with any strength piece, form is everything, especially when going overhead. Take the time to warm up and practice perfection during the intro drills
Remember; “Anyone can clean or snatch, but only champions can jerk”

“Grace up the River”
3 rounds
500m row
10 clean and jerks (135/95#)(115/75#)
Simple; fast. Make sure the weight keeps them moving. You shouldn’t be doing singles here. Doubles or triples at the very least.

Accessory Work
3 rounds, NFT
15 weighted sit-ups
1:00 plank hold

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