WOD – Wednesday 1/27

The Open is coming, and this year its CFP vs CFP! Check the blog for more info.

PBC is Thursdays and Sundays. Come lift some iron with us.

Bike work
3 rounds
:20 on a bike
12 sit-ups
10 wall balls
8 burpees

10 good mornings
Then, put empty bar on a rack for
1:00 in sink stretch
1:00 stretching the triceps
1:00 in bully stretch

3 position clean – build to a heavy weight in 15 min max
Work from the top down; high hang, hang, floor

“Squeaky Wheel”
5 rounds
6 C2B
9 squat cleans (115/80#)(95/65#)
12 T2B
15 S2OH

Extra Credit
GHD back extensions – 3 or 4×10
Waiters carry – 3 or 4 x50′ (AHAP)

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